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What Is A Bralette? Why Should You Have One In Your Wardrobe?

The latest craze taking the fashion world by a storm, especially lingerie is the bralette. It has been popping up or peeking out from everyone’s Instagram account. Everyone from actresses to pop stars, social media influencers and teenagers, of course, have been seen sporting this super stylish attire. But if you are totally and utterly confused with this trend and would love to wear a bralette, then we have a comprehensive guide for you. In this guide, we offer you answers to questions like, “what is a bralette”, “why should I buy one”, what is the difference between a bra and a bralette and much more. So read on to figure out exactly why everyone has been raving about bralettes. 

What is a bralette? 

If you have ever looked at yourself in the mirror while wearing a beautiful bra and wondered, “can this pass off as a top?”, then the one-word answer to that question is bralettes. They are basically a cute mixture of crop tops and bras which means it is socially acceptable to wear them as tops. The basic element of a bralette is to be unstructured at least in the way that they appear. They are most often designed with pretty laces and have a sexy design. But bralettes are versatile and have branched out to many different styles and you will surely find on that suite you. They are usually non-padded and non-wired making them the goddesses of comfort in the lingerie world. Bralettes typically have a longline design which means that they extend to your upper waistline and hence can be worn as a top too. Bralettes also pose as a minimal health risk. This is because of their coveted feature- comfort. They do not cause pain even if you wear them for an entire day. Even though bralettes are generally favoured by small-breasted women, even big-breasted women can wear bralettes. Some big-breasted women do not like the minimal support offered by a bralette but fret not. Many companies have now designed bralettes with wiring to offer more support to women with bigger breasts. 

What are the differences between a bra and a bralette? 

A bra is an intimate worn by women to support their breasts. This is the basic definition of a bra and it comes in different styles and designs according to your suiting. A bralette, however, does not always offer support to the breasts and instead is worn as more of an outerwear. While a bra is used for more functional reasons, the bralette, on the other hand, is used for fashion purposes. It offers both style and comfort- kind of like wearing comfortable clothes that are also night-out approved. You can think of the bralette as the more chilled and relaxed younger sister of the stuffy and uptight bra.

Can I wear a bra with a bralette? 

One advantage of the bralette over the bra is to free yourself from the constrictions of a bra and allow your breasts the privilege of movement. However, if you love the support that a bra provides you with then you can absolutely wear it under a bralette. The best thing about wearing a bralette is that there are no steadfast rules. 

Can bralettes cause sagging of the breasts?

Even though it is true that bralettes offer diminished support, but it is a myth that bralettes cause sagging. Sagging is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to many reasons like gravity and ageing and has nothing to do with bras. 

How to style a bralette? 

The main reason to buy a bralette is because of its versatility. It can be styled with almost any clothing and can get you out of quite a few sticky spots. For example, if you have ever worn a bra under a shirt or a dress and have been worried about it being seen or popping up, then the bralette is your saviour. A bralette will not only make it okay if it is seen through your clothing but it will also increase the stylishness of the whole outfit.

Here a few ways and styles that you can wear a bralette. 

1. Neckline featured outfits: 

Every time you need a lacy camisole to cover tops and dresses with lower necklines, the bralette is a fun alternative. This is because some bralettes have a higher neckline. This is especially useful in the summer because it means wearing one less layer. The high neck bralette can be worn with a low cut top or paired with an open sweater. You can also wear it without pairing it with anything. This trend also looks amazing on the beach or in the pool. 

2. Lacey Bralettes: 

These are the most common and wanted type of bralettes out there. A typical style is to have lace detailing on the cups or beautiful detailing ob the back. This frilly and delicate material can be paired with many different things to make a cool and stylish ensemble. It can be worn with a sheer top, under a chunky cardigan, with a chic denim jacket or even in the boudoir. It also looks extremely pretty just as a crop top which allows you to flaunt the bralette in all of its glory. You can pair this bralette crop top with a pretty skirt to create a chic ensemble or even wear it with high waisted jeans or shorts. The possibilities are endless. 

3. Outfits with a low, open or cut-out back: 

Typically, the prettiest part of the bralette is its back owing to the extensive lace detailing or sex straps it has on the back. Wearing a bralette with a scoop back, backless dress or tank tops are the best alternatives to wearing a backless bra or pasties. Not only is it comfortable and made of breathable and non-irritable fabric, but also it enriches the whole ensemble and makes it look better. The racerback design is a perfect combo to go with a lowered back or backless outfit.

4. Formal attire: 

A bralette also looks amazing under a blazer or a suit jacket making it the perfect 9-5 attire. Especially is you hustle from 9-5 and hit the bar happy hour onwards. Wearing a bralette with a blazer makes for a great formal outfit and an amazing night out outfit too. It is also a sexy alternative to a blouse or a top. 

5. Casual outfits: 

A laidback lacy bralette is a great alternative to lingerie especially when you want your outfits to be casual and chill. For example, it works well on a date night when you don’t want to waste time wearing complicate but sexy lingerie. It is also useful when you want a little extra support in the night when you sleep but don’t want to wear a bra. It also looks cute worn with pyjamas or pyjama shorts on a girls’ night in or a sleepover. It makes you look cute and keeps you comfortable, so it is a win-win. You can even pair a cute bralette with a casual shirt for a relaxed look. 

6. Outfits with plunging necklines: 

The bralette is the best hack for outfits with a plunging neckline when the bra peeking out is a problem. Not only does the bra offer support and comfort which other alternatives may not be able to offer, but it also looks extremely chic under your outfit. The style that is best suited for this is a criss-cross front strap bralette, You can pair this with a low scoop or v-neck top or even wear one with a deeply cut dress for additional flirty flair. 

7. Leather bralette: 

Another chic style that you can try out is the leather bralette. You can pair it with high-waisted pants, skirts or shorts to add some extra fun and flair to your outfit. If you want to tone down the leather bralette, then you can even pair it with a fitted turtle neck or t-shirt for a more casual look. This is an especially chic look during the daytime. 

8. An alternative for jewellery: 

A bralette also acts as an amazing alternative for jewellery. You can pair a v-neck shirt with a strappy high-neck bralette and it will make a great alternative for a necklace. 

This brings us to the end of the comprehensive guide about bralettes. Hope this guide answers all the pertinent questions about bralettes so that you can now go and rock in your bralette. If after reading this guide you have the urge to buy a bralette, The Lingerie Shop has some gorgeous bralettes that would look good with every ensemble. Happy Shopping!