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Upgrade Your Wardrobe With This Lingerie Accessories And Avoid Those Embarrassing Moments

The beginning of a year brings with it the awards seasons which means that there is going to be a flurry of beautiful dresses and fashionable clothes. But have you ever looked at these celebrities and thought to yourself, “how do they were such complicated dresses that barely cover anything and yet almost never have a wardrobe malfunction?”. The answer to that question is an amazing team of stylists and life-saving lingerie accessories. These accessories are single-handedly responsible for preventing quite a few scandalous moments and wardrobe malfunction. It basically all boils down to pairing the right accessory with the right dress. You can think of these accessories as items that magically dispense any grievances you might have with your lingerie for example showing bra straps or tight straps that dig in. If these sounds like things that you definitely want to own then here is a list of lingerie accessories that can help prevent embarrassing moments. 

1. Bra strap extenders: 

Due to losing or gaining weight the band size of a bra usually shifts up or down. This leads to problems with band fitting and overly tight bras can not only cause red bruising it can even make extra flab hang out. This spoils the look of the clothing you are wearing as tight bra bands are usually visible under body-hugging clothing. Bra strap extenders are useful during times like these especially is your cup size has not changed. All you have to do to use it is to hook the strap extender into your bra- it is easy to use and extremely functional. 

2. Low back converter: 

If you have a dress with a lowered back that is gathering dust in the back of your wardrobe because you couldn’t find the right bra for it then this accessory will surely help you out. Instead of spending extra money on a bra with a lowered back, the low back converter can change your regular bras into bras with a lowered back. This converter just needs to be hooked onto your regular bra and then wrapped around the waist. This bra also comes with strap adjusters and don’t worry, it remains invisible under your clothing. Additionally, the strap is elastic and comes in many different colours. 

3. Strap cushions: 

Sometimes because of how the bra is designed, even if you are wearing the right sized bra, the tight straps will dig into your skin. At times like this instead of despairing and giving up on the bra, you can use this handy accessory- the strap cushions. Not only do these strap cushions alleviate the pain felt when bra straps dig into your skin, but they also prevent the bra straps from sliding down your arm. The strap cushions are usually made of silicone and all you have to do is slide them into your bra strap. The strap cushions come in a variety of different colours including nude and neutral tones and are easily hidden under your clothing. 

4. Transparent bra straps: 

Bra straps are extremely useful as they provide support and anchor our bra cups to our chests. However, not all clothing allows the display of bra straps like off-shoulder tops and dresses. Strapless bras come with their fair share of hassles and if you don’t feel like they are worth it then the transparent bra straps are for you. They are super versatile and as they are made of see-through silicone so it gives an invisible look. These straps can be hooked on to your regular bras and can be used in multiple ways like a halter and racerback. These make it much easier to wear a strapless dress or an off-shoulder blouse and it frees you from the hassle of a strapless bra

5. Nipple concealers: 

If you prefer bras with little or no padding but are forever in the fear of a nip slip then the nipple concealer is for you. Since the lighter fabric of bras has lower nipple fortification, then the nipple concealers can be stuck on to the bra for an added layer of defence. The nipple concealer is made of silicone and has a strong adhesive which ensures that it is attached to the bra for a long time. These concealers can be used every day and they also provide extra moulding which is absent in some lightly padded bras.

6. Bust boosters:

If your bust is not as big and perky as you want and you would love to make it perkier without a push-up bra or implants then you can make use of the bust boosters. The bust boosters often referred to ad breast pads, bra inserts or breast lifters provide additional support and bust up your breasts. This ensures that the bust looks fuller than before. To prevent the boosters from riding up, they have an under band of soft fabric. Also, the straps are wide and can easily be adjusted. They are made of either soft cotton or spandex to ensure that delicate skin is not irritated. Hence with these inserts, you can boast a fuller cleavage even when wearing strapless or backless clothing. 

7. Bra clip: 

If you love wearing racerback bras but do not want to keep buying new ones then the bra clip is a handy accessory to turn your normal bars into racerback bras. This is also a good hack when wearing sleeveless dresses and tank tops as it effectively hides your bra straps. The fundamental idea of the bra clip which is made of plastic is to pull both the bra straps together in the back giving your regular a bra a racerback bra look. The clip can also be used to anchor your straps in one place if they keep slipping down your arm. 

8. Clip-on camisole: 

These clip-on camisoles are lifesavers when wearing a top or a dress that has a deep neck but you still want modest coverage. These are a smaller version of the camisole and come with two straps that can be clipped onto the straps of your bra. They will give you the same coverage as a camisole but you won’t have to wear an extra layer. Hence, this piece of adjustable inner accessory is ideal for hot summer days. Since they are almost identical to the camisoles they come in the same cute and lacy designs as camisoles. 

9. Pantyhose:

 Not only do pantyhose come in handy during times where you haven’t had time to shave or wax but they also come in handy when you feel like wearing a cute dress or a skit during winter. This is because they give your legs maximum coverage while also being cute and sexy enough as to not spoil the look of the dress or the skirt. It is a good idea to invest in pantyhose which is black in colour or a nude shade that closely matches your skin tone. Good quality of pantyhose also helps in hiding panty lines and shaping your stomach and legs. 

10. Bra storage bag: 

The shelf life of bras can be increased by taking proper care of them. A good quality bra combined with proper care can last you for many years making it a much more economical option. An important element in increasing the shelf life of a bra is to store it properly. This is where the bra bag comes in handy. Not only do they save space in drawers or suitcase if travelling but they also protect the bra from damage, dust and odour. They also help in maintaining the shape, texture and colour of the bra. Most bra bags also come with space for storing panties and hence can be used as a one-stop storage space for all your lingerie.

With these accessories in your kit, you are now ready to tackle even the most complex dress with all sorts of back and neck combinations. These accessories prevent the need to buy multitudes of different types of bras and instead change your regular bars into the kind of bra that you want. Plus they are definitely cheaper than buying new bras. Hence you don’t have to worry about not having the right kind of bra and can instead wear any piece of clothing with confidence and look gorgeous in it.