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Top 10 Reasons Why You Need Thongs In Your Wardrobe

There are numerous reasons to wear a thong on a daily basis! I’m discussing the sort of panties with no back aside from a little bit of material that settles itself inside your butt cheeks. I’m discussing the style of clothing that has ladies separated between “I love them” and “I despise them”. That sort of a thong. Most ladies think that thongs must be worn with specific outfits or for special events, yet these miracle panties can sincerely be worn each and every day. Do you possess at least a couple of seamless thongs in a colour that relates to your way of life? If not here are a couple of the numerous reasons to wear a thong!

What is a thong?

The thong is an article of clothing commonly utilized as either underwear or as a bathing suit in certain nations. Seen from the front, the thong ordinarily takes after a bikini bottom, yet at the back, the material is decreased to a minimum. Thongs are quite often intended to hide the genitals, anus and perineum and leave part or a large portion of the posterior revealed. The rear of the piece of clothing normally comprises of a thin waistband and a slight segment of material, intended to be worn between the buttocks, that links the centre of the waistband with the bottom front of the thong. One kind of thong is the G-string, the rear of which comprises just of a (generally elasticized) string. The two terms G-string and thong are regularly utilized interchangeably; be that as it may, they can allude to different garments. Thongs are available in an assortment of styles relying upon the thickness, material or type of the rear segment of the fabric.

Ten Reasons To Wear A Thong:



1. The issue of visible panty lines (VPL) goes away:

How many times have you worn full-butt underwear with full-skirted dresses and jeans? Many times, and what happens is that it leaves panty lines which are highly visible and can be super embarrassing and messes up the look of your outfit. For example in a professional setting wearing tight trousers or a pencil skirt with visible panty lines can be quite unprofessional. Additionally, if you need to sit for hours, the seams become a pain in the ass-literally. You end up with red impressions and bruises on your skin from sitting all day and they can be quite painful not to mention unflattering. However, wearing a thong prevents that from happening and you can go through your day comfortably and without embarrassment.

2. They are comfortable:

One big reason that many women avoid wearing thongs is that they think that thongs are uncomfortable. However, that is simply not true! In fact, it’s the opposite. Since there is so little fabric available, it is hard for it to be uncomfortable. In addition to that, the smooth, silk-based cotton thongs never cause chaffing, only provide comfort. The lace and mesh ones are soft and breathable especially if you like to give your butt cheeks a little breathing room. Even though they might look uncomfortable, once you start wearing them and get used to the new style, you will definitely love them.

3. Thongs make you look sexy:

Numerous ladies figure a thong doesn’t go with most of their closet, however wearing a thong can be that dose of hotness that is missing underneath. What’s more that, it makes your whole lower half look its hottest (regardless of whether you are fit as a fiddle or not), which can change the appearance of your whole outfit… for the better!

4. You can gain weight and it wouldn’t make a difference:

Ladies’ bodies are very complex and in this way misjudged. One evident reality about women’s’ bodies is that they will, in general, vary in weight every now and then. Regardless of whether you have had four kids, or you’re experiencing adolescence, your body will in general act like it has its very own brain. The extraordinary thing about wearing a thong under all that will be that, taking into account how’s it’s shaped, it’s an underwear that isn’t generally reliant on whether you pick up or shed 5-10 pounds.

5. Easier to work out in:

A thong is your lord and saviour when it comes to working out. Especially if you like to work out in leggings or yoga pants. Since they have very little soft and breathable fabric you will feel much more comfortable wearing a thong while working out than your regular style underwear. While working out it is generally advised to wear underwear that is less restricting and more breathable so that an infection doesn’t set in. A thong due to its decreased amount of fabric is, therefore, the perfect underwear to wear. You also have the advantage of hidden panty lines under tight yoga pants or leggings.

6. No more butt acne or chafing:

As people, we get pimples all over our bodies, even on the bum. On the off chance that you sit for quite a long time, a day of sitting on the seams of the underwear causes the skin to become abraded. In the end, it results in friction against the skin and the sensitive skin becomes irritated. Wearing a loosely fitted underwear may help, yet concealing it under your garments becomes a big issue. Besides, when it gets hot, and you begin sweating, underwear starts rubbing against the skin causing chafing. The thong saves you of all the above irritating problems.

7. Thongs are great if you are fashion conscious:

Regardless of whether you have an enthusiasm for style or you simply wear anything that’s comfortable, your garments look much better with a thong on underneath. It’s not simply the visible panty line issue. Thongs are substantially more discreet than wearing standard underwear, so you can be all the more brave with the kinds of texture, shading and design of garments you wear! They stay in place and can be worn with any outfit

8. Thongs don’t ride up or cause bunching:

Numerous ladies incline towards wearing a thong since they’ve discovered that it’s one of the handful types of panties that doesn’t ride upon them. On the off chance that you’ve had the deplorable experience of having your underwear ride up, stick or give you a frontal wedgie, try wearing a thong! In case you’re accustomed to wearing too-tight pants, thongs will be substantially more agreeable. At the point when you wear other, looser panties, it can bunch up when you’re attempting to slip into your jeans. With thongs, that will never occur, on the grounds that the material will never get in the way.

9. Thongs come in all types of materials and textures:

Thongs are not all made out of similar materials. You can possess twelve sets and they’ll all have different textures. There are thongs that are produced from cotton and ones that are made out of silk to name a few materials. On the off chance that you don’t care for one kind of material’s, there will undoubtedly be another material that you’d be more comfortable in.

10. Saves you a lot of space in drawers or even while travelling:

On the off chance that you have drawers loaded up with garments, you won’t have a lot of space for new things. Be that as it may, thongs are tiny to such an extent that they’ll be anything but difficult to fit in any packed drawer. You won’t need to stress over them occupying space and cluttering your drawers. Additionally, they are super helpful while travelling as they take up very little space in your suitcase.

That concludes the handy guide on thongs and why you should have one in your closet. Thongs can be intimidating to try out the first time especially because of how they look. However, they can be quite comfortable and can help you avoid a lot of problems and embarrassing situations. So, why not try on a pair?