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Tips To Choose Your Lingerie For This Summer

The days are getting longer, warmer, sunnier and there are glimpses of mangoes in the markets which means that summer is officially here. With summer comes a whole new season of fashion with new styles and rules. Of course, the basics still apply- lots of warm colors with floral design and breathable fabric but beyond that, it is a mystery. The bigger mystery is how to keep cool on the inside and what to wear to remain dry and hygienic. Putting a little bit more thought into your bra and panty might actually save you from being a damp mess during a particularly hot day. If you are puzzled about which undergarments to choose then here are a few tips on how to upgrade your lingerie wardrobe this summer.

1. Go to fabric of summer- Cotton:
When it comes to summer you know you can’t go wrong with cotton. The breathability factor is super high compared to other fabrics because of the easy knits and the moisture absorbing properties of this god-send fabric. Lingerie made from cotton will help you stay cool and hygienic all day long, won’t give you rashes or let sweat pool in uncomfortable places. Plus they are fuss free and super comfortable. So, stay as cool as a cucumber in cotton bras and anties this summer.

2. Go Nude or Neutral:

All your light and floaty tops and dresses will make a stylish comeback for the summer and a neon pink bra or underwear is just not going to work out. Unless you want to be the focus of some unnecessary attention, it would be a good idea to keep your lingerie subtle. A good idea is to opt for lingerie in neutral or nude shades that closely matches your skin tone. This cannot be stressed enough. Wearing white underwear under white clothes will also not work because the bright underwear will shine through as it contrasts with your skin color. This summer go nude or go home!

3. Rock a bralette:

Summers are the best times to rock a bralette because you can pair them with so many different styles. For example, a tank top, a top with low armholes, deep neck or back, mesh tops or even on its own. The possibilities are endless. You can opt for bralettes with a bright color, lacey design, multiple straps or a cute band to complete your summer look book. Plus bralettes are usually available in breathable fabrics like cotton and are more breezy to wear than bras. Important tip: choose a bralette with maximum coverage to avoid the embarrassment of sideboob spillage. 

 4. Avoid the embellishments:

Lingerie designed with embellishments might seem sexy and sultry but there is nothing sexy about rashes, pools of sweat and chafing. This is because most of the material that these embellishments are made of are not suitable for the summers especially if you want to feel fresh and dry. In summers it’s all about functionality and practicality and therefore wearing well padded cotton bras and cotton underwear is important. Also if you pick out the right styles even these can make you feel glamorous and sexy.

5. Less is more when it comes to panties:
Due to the sensitive skin in the nether regions these areas are the most prone to rashes and the areas that must be kept the most hygienic this is away from sweat. Therefore it is a good idea to opt for panties designed with less fabric like thongs and bikinis. If you want more coverage opt for briefs with cotton gussets and moisture wicking technology. These styles help you keep your nether regions breathable and breezy so that pools of sweat don’t gather which can lead to further hygiene issues. This summer season say no to skin problems and say yes to healthier and rash free skin.

6. Opt for wire free bras:
Once again functionality and practicality will save you this summer. Underwire bras might helped you enhance your cleavage and get a bustier look on many occasions but during summers they will just annoy you. Underboob sweat is a real thing and underwire bras just makes it worse. They create small nooks where the sweat can pool and cause a list of gross health concerns including rashes and body odour. Therefore it’s a good idea to sway your underwire bras with soft padded or side encircle bras because they’ll help your skin breathe and keep your breasts from bouncing by providing ample support.

7. Love lace:
The easiest way to look sexy and flirty this summer is with lace. You can pair lacy bras with a number of different outfits like tank tops, low cut tops, mesh dresses etc for an instant style upgrade. Lace can make your breasts feel light and airy in the humid climate and  it will also make you feel glamorous and sultry. Lacey bras are the best way to mix functionality and practicality with style and sexiness.

8. Cami bra for the win:
This summer, low cut tops, dresses and cami bras will go hand in hand. The cami bra is a cool and stylish answer to the classic wearing a tank top underneath low cut or transparent tops and dresses. It also has the added benefit of putting less fabric on your body as your camisole and bra have been meshes into one garment. This chic bra not only upgrades your style quo but also provide support and keeps light and fresh during scorching hot days!

9. Cut seams out of your life:
We mean that figuratively of course. Live life off the seams by opting for seamless underwear. The last thing that flowy sundresses, cute jumpsuits, and rompers need are visible panty lines. To avoid this unpleasant peek-a-boo it is a good idea to opt for briefs that are high-rise to avoid bulges where the underwear meets the skin or seamless panties with laser-cut edges. This magical underwear not only helps you avoid embarrassing visible panty lines but also aid in moisture wicking. So, no more surprise appearances by your panty lines and you can rock sundresses with a smooth silhouette.

10. Multiway bras:
It is like they always say where there is a will there is a multiway bra. This bra is going to be your go to when it comes to pretty summery dresses with complicated necklines, straps, and backs. This is a one stop bra that will solve all of those problems by transforming itself into any avtaar that pleases you. This is because the straps are removable and adjustable so you can mix and match any style from halter to racerback and tank tops or dresses. It is also a good idea for your vacations especially if you want to travel light because a couple of this can open up many style options.

That brings us to the end of the list of lingerie that you can choose from this summer. As you can see all of these options if paired with the right outfits will give you a great mix of functionality and sexiness. It is all about staying cool, fresh and hygienic in breathable fabrics like cotton and in designs that don’t restrict the air from your nether regions. If you use these tips you can easily stay amazingly cool and breezy this summer all the while rocking chic and stylish looks!