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Things You Need To Know About Shapewear

Unless you have been living under a giant rock, you probably know about the magical properties of shapewear. Coveted by celebrities and common folks alike, this magical garment is like Photoshop for your body. Quite simply, it smoothens out your lumps and bumps and give you an enviable figure and rocking bod. This might seem like an oversell, but hey, it made the founder of Spanx, the world’s youngest female billionaire- so clearly it works. The only issue with the popularity of shapewear is that with everyone buying into the fad of shapewear, it comes in an endless array of styles and designs. This leads to confusion about which one is the best for you and your wardrobe. If you are new to the world of these wonder-garments then naturally you have some questions. We have curated a handy guide of all the things you need to know about shapewear.

What is shapewear?

Shapewear is an undergarment that makes a smooth outline and shapes your figure to feature your natural curves in a flattering manner, particularly when wearing tight-fitting apparel. As a result of its compressive nature, shapewear has gained notoriety for being uncomfortable. Be that as it may, fortunately, things have improved as of late due to progress in texture innovation. One thing that hasn’t changed is the job of such undergarments—they’re intended to enable your garments to fit better and uplift your view of yourself, regardless of whether you wear them consistently or for special events. Two sorts of materials will in general rule the shapewear industry. Changing combinations of elastane and polyamide aka nylon cooperate to give the wonderful connection between the compression/control and the delicate quality/comfort. A few brands offer shapewear in the scope of compression levels, from delicate shaping to firm contouring. The design of the shapewear likewise plays a role—styles with deliberately put seams and intricate panels offer progressively observable lifting and shaping.

What are the different types of shapewear?

  1. Slimming slip: In the event that you’ve had kids or you heft your weight around your waist, you may feel self-conscious about your belly. In any case, don’t let that keep you from wearing beautiful dresses. In the event that you’ve had shapewear move down your stomach through the span of a special event, a slimming slip will remain put, well, for eternity.
  2. Smoothing Panty: On the off chance that your butt is making you feel self-conscious, this is intended to smoothen out any butt dimples and give your posterior a smooth and perky look.
  3. Shapers tank: This goes about as a layering piece, similar to a camisole, and is useful for stomach smoothening. They come in differing degrees of flexibility, contingent upon what amount of smoothening you need (and how much pressure you can deal with).
  4. The thigh tamer helps with “saddlebags” or thigh bumps. You can wear one under pencil skirts, fitted dresses or jeans in clingy textures like silk or crepe. Ensure it has enough grip at the base so it remains put and doesn’t move up your leg. Likewise, ensure it isn’t excessively tight, else, it will cut into your leg, leaving you with “double-bubble thighs and restricting your blood supply.

What is the most versatile design of shapewear?

High-waisted long leg shorts rank at the top of the most flexible shapewear list. It can be worn under dresses, skirts and jeans. This versatile piece smoothens, shapes and lifts the whole body. The piece of clothing sits just beneath the bra line and ends just over the knees to give smooth consistent lines from abdomen to the upper leg. The midriff gives additional belly control, with side panels for thinning and pockets in the back to give lift and forestall the dreaded ‘uni-bum’. Shorts are additionally a perfect decision if chafing is an issue. Also, this kind of full coverage shapewear forestalls VPL (visible panty lines).

How should my ideal shapewear fit me?

With regards to a perfect fit, fit of shapewear can be difficult to determine on the web or on the rack. Like pants or swimwear, trying on shapewear is highly recommended. You’ll realize you’ve discovered a match when it looks and feels great, yet has a firm, body-embracing compression with seamless lines. On the off chance that you can’t breathe or move openly, it’s not an ideal choice for you. In case you’re in the middle of sizes, it is advisable that you opt for the bigger alternative. A cosy fit is significant, however in the event that the shapewear moves up or down effectively, it isn’t the correct fit. Each lady’s body is one of a kind, so finding the ideal piece of shapewear takes tolerance and investigation. Any place you decide to shop, make certain to take the dress you plan to wear with you. Perceiving how the two pieces of clothing work together will assist you with picking the correct shapewear for you.

What are some tips I should keep in mind while buying shapewear?

  1. Always stick to your size: This is significant. This isn’t an ideal opportunity to go down a size trying to make your shapewear “accomplish more” for you. It’s called shapewear for a reason, hence it already has shape-shifting properties, to begin with. Getting the correct size is the contrast between scarcely breathing throughout the night and feeling confident and comfortable for the duration of the night.
  2. Always opt for high waisted: High-waisted skirt and shorts styles ensure a smooth line all the way to your middle. Search for adaptations that go up to the bra line. For more security, search for items that snare onto your bra so they won’t roll downwards.
  3. Be on the lookout for combo pieces: Search for designs that combine your undergarments into one immaculate piece. There are full-body suits available that function both as a bra and a shaper or tights with worked in thigh and stomach control.
  4. Always choose a cotton blend: Things can get genuinely warm under there especially when wearing shapewear. Also, in case you’re in an inappropriate size and it’s hot, it’s practically going to make your night a miserable hell. A breathable cotton-mix can help keep things cool while you look smoking hot!
  5. If you want to smoothen lines then choose medium constriction or for a total transformation of figure opt for the strong constriction: On the off chance that there’s no performance level recorded on the tag, look at the label of the garment. The higher the nylon content, the more the shapewear will adjust your shape. You can likewise get a feeling of the degree of contouring by feeling the texture. If it is lightweight and slips through your hands, it is probably strategically designed to smooth out particular spots on your figure. Heavier pieces are generally equipped with compressions zones that will suck and tuck your body into shape and give you a gorgeous figure.

Hopefully, this guide cleared the pertinent questions that you had about shapewear. There is no shame in wearing shapewear. It is called shapewear and not shamewear! If you are still not confident about wearing shapewear then take it out for a trial run to the supermarket or wear it around the house. Also, remember to buy shapewear that allows you to breathe and does not constrict blood flow. So go out there, rock your shapewear, and make everyone jealous because of your gorgeous body!