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Things Every Woman Should Keep In Mind While Shopping For Her Lingerie

Even though lingerie shopping can ultimately be rewarding, it starts off with a lot of frustration and sometimes even body shaming. Being half-naked in a frigid dressing room with mirrors for walls, trying on lingerie is no one’s ideal situation. But it is a rite of passage that every woman must go through in order to find the perfect fit and feel of lingerie. After all your lingerie is what keeps your company 24/7, so you must own pieces that make you feel comfortable, sexy and good on the inside. But shopping for the perfect pieces of lingerie can be quite an exhausting ordeal that you should not have to go through. Keeping this in mind, we have curated a guide of the things that you need to keep in mind while hunting for the lingerie that is chic, sexy and super comfy. 

1. Find what you feel good in: 

When you look into that dressing room mirror, you should feel good, not only from the outside but also from inside. Your lingerie should make you feel comfortable relaxed and confident. This should be your top priority when shopping for lingerie. Lingerie that makes you feel sexy, bold and at the same time comfortable is not a myth. It is out there and you must find it. Underwear that makes you feel all these things should not poke you, create ugly red welts and make you look unflattering. After all, it is going to be on you for a better part of the day, so you must feel good in it. After you have found a collection of lingerie that makes you feel good, future shopping trips become much easier. 

2. Know your size: 

A lot of the problems that lead to lingerie being super uncomfortable, like red welts, weird lumps and straps that dig into you is because of not wearing the correct size of bras and the same can be said for underwears. Hence it is important to measure yourself before you step into the shop to buy your lingerie. If you are not sure of how to measure your bra size, then here is a helpful guide. Or you can even ask the personnel working in the lingerie shop for help. A useful tip is to also know your sister sizes as different brands have different size bras that might fit you better. Also, bra size can change depending on various things like weight loss and gain or pregnancy and it is important to measure your bra size every few months. 

3. Ask for help: 

If you are looking to add new lingerie pieces to your collection or think that you need a lingerie wardrobe makeover, but have no clue where to begin then asking for professional help is the answer. I know that asking for help when it comes to lingerie shopping might be a little awkward and make you feel embarrassed but you shouldn’t be. They are trained professionals in a boutique who have this exact skill set and knowledge to know what will look good on you. Plus they know all the different styles and designs that different brands offer so they can guide you through the vast and tantalising array of lingerie. This way you don’t get swayed by pieces that would not look good on you or would be uncomfortable on your body type. 

4. Research the materials or fabrics: 

Walking into a lingerie shop can be a feast for the eyes. There is shiny fabric everywhere with lace, silk and the colours are so gorgeous. You feel like buying everything. Big mistake. There are times when the pieces will look like it was just for you but does the material feel that good too? Sometimes these synthetic fabrics can be made anti-absorbent material and can irritate sensitive skin which can lead to itchiness and red patches.  Hence it is crucial that you know what fabric has made that beautiful bra so that when you wear it, it does not cause you endless amounts of irritation. High-quality fabric like silk and lace will always make you feel good on the inside and look gorgeous on the outside. 

5. Find your colour palette: 

If the styles that lingerie comes in is not enough to make you dizzy then the enticing array colours definitely will. The combination of style and colours make each piece lingerie more stunning than the previous one. Eye-catchy pieces aside lingerie should also suit your skin tone. Hence it is important to find the colour palette that goes well with your skin colour. If your skin tone is darker then bright colours may appeal to you and look better on you as for lighter skin tones some neutral colours would look best. Also, you must own a lingerie set that closely matches your skin colour. This is because pairing a white outfit with a white bra is a huge mistake that most women make. Under natural or harsh lighting the white bra is glaringly obvious but a nude coloured bra can save you from the embarrassment. 

6. Change lingerie as the seasons change: 

This piece of advice is often overlooked even though this practice is extremely important. This is because most women never look past the design of the bra and often forget to take into account the material. For example, wearing a heavily embroidered bra in the summer can turn you into a sweating heap in minutes. It will make you hot but not in the way you want it to. In the same way, wearing light fabric underwear in the winters will chill you to your bone. Hence it is always a good idea to purchase light cooler pieces in the warmer months and heavier pieces in the cooler months. 

7. Higher coverage: 

For the first time shoppers of lingerie, it might be difficult to easily adapt to strung along lacy pieces. Hence it is always a good idea to first try out bras which provide higher coverage and are more comfortable. Then you can slowly ease into other styles and types of bras as you get more comfortable. Remember t always make comfort your top priority. 

8. Get a friend along: 

If you are conflicted about how a piece of lingerie looks on you, then the honest opinion of a friend might help you decide. A store clerk might tell you flattering things because they want you to buy those pieces but a trusted friend will offer you good advice and give their honest opinion on how that piece looks on you. Also sometimes it is difficult to objectively determine how good or bad lingerie looks on you. Again a friend might be able to help in this case with their valuable opinions. A friend can also ease the nervousness and if you are feeling bad about your body, make you feel extremely good about yourself. Bringing a friend along on a shopping spree is always a fun idea. 

9. Keep in mind your body figure: 

When shopping for lingerie you must keep in mind which style brings out your best assets and creates maximum appeal. There are different types and styles of lingerie depending on which asset you want to highlight. For example if you want to highlight your chest then shelf bras and corsets are always an option. On the other hand, if you want to accentuate your derriere then garter belts, cheeky panties and thongs will do the job. But in the pursuit of sexiness and boldness do not forget comfort. Buy lingerie in breathable and good quality material as you’ll only look as good on the outside as you will feel on the inside. 

10. Lingerie for different occasions: 

If you are just building up your lingerie collection then you must have at least a few pieces that pair well with different occasions. For example, you must have a few comfortable pieces for daily or work wear like a t-shirt or padded bras. Then a few pieces for party wear or pieces that go well with dresses like bralettes, push-up bras strapless and backless bras and thongs or seamless panties. If you love working out then you must own a sports bra. With a few of these pieces in your lingerie collection, you will be ready with the correct lingerie in absolutely any occasion. Then you can go and buy sexy and bold lingerie sets for special occasions like Valentine’s day. 

This concludes the guide of things to remember when buying lingerie. For newbies, this might seem like a lot of hassle but trust me the payoff is worth it. After you have found your groove or routine all of this thinking becomes a reflex and you do it subconsciously. Also by then, you know what brands to buy and what styles and types suit you. All this grunt work leads to a lifetime of wearing lingerie that makes you feel and look absolutely stunning.