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Panty Problems Only Girls Can Relate To

Underwear-you cannot live with them you cannot live without them. No matter how hard you search and which Gods you pray to you are not going to find underwear that will not annoy you one fine day. It is written in their destiny that they are bound to be a pain in the butts on one fine day. When this inevitable time comes you would think that throwing your underwear out is the best solution. But we say don’t throw them find better styles! So, don’t give up on your underwear just yet and read this helpful guide on panty problems that only girls can relate to.

1. Visible Panty Lines:

Looking smoking hot in a bodycon dress, a fitted skirt or tight pants like leggings is so hard when your panty lines are decorating your bum as you go about your day. Visible panty lines or no one’s idea of a perfect day and the best way to get rid of them is seamless thongs. It’s a particularly good idea to find a thong that lays flat against your body. If thongs aren’t your cup of tea then don’t fret; there’s still a solution for you. You can try full-cut briefs with low leg openings especially ones that have a front leg opening that sits in the natural crease of your hip and leg.

2. Underwear that rides up:

This is a very common and very annoying problem faced by women. Underwear can ride up for many reasons including they don’t fit you properly, the fabric on the back isn’t enough to cover your butt etc. Finding the correct fit is important because they will ride up if they are too small and if they are too big as the leg opening may be too big to hold the underwear in place. It could also be a design problem. The easiest solution is going to a lingerie shop and trying out different styles to find the one that fits you the best.

3. Dampness:

With the glamour comes the gross aka sweating or feeling damp down there. But hey this happens and it happens all the more often if you workout. This could be happening because your panties are not made of breathable fabric which is causing you to sweat in your neither regions. A good solution is to try out underwear with a cotton bottom or gusset or even one with a moisture wicking fabric. A gusset is the small patch of fabric that lines the crotch area of the panty generally designed to keep you fresh and comfy. Cotton gussets will also help you maintain your hygiene.

4. Peeking Waistband:

Nobody loves it when the waistband of your underwear makes a surprise entrance over the top of your pants. It usually leads to embarrassing situations and a lot of struggling to pull your pants up. To avoid these situations in the future try low rise styles that have a narrow waistband. This will help you keep your panties safely tucked into your pants.

5. Camel Toe:

The Camel Toe- Celebrities biggest nightmare and tabloids biggest payday. The camel toe is the highlight of many celebrities’ wardrobe malfunctions and it might not faze them but for everyone else, it is just plain embarrassing. A camel toe is when panties ride up your crotch and it is called that because well it resembles a camel’s toe. Many factors can contribute to this issue- incorrect fit (tight panties), tight pants paired with the wrong underwear etc. For example, a big contributor is seamless panties when the fit is wrong. Due to the lack of seams, there is nothing that holds them in place so they ride up places we rather leave alone. This issue is most common when wearing workout wear. A good idea is to buy panties with a crotch that have some dimensions to them or a stretchy trip so that they don’t shift and make your pants a little more risque than you intended them to be.

6. Waistband digging into your skin:

If you love it, it will hurt you. Meaning that all those sexy panties with daring elastic trims are bound to cause you pain or leave red marks all over your waist. Therefore, a good idea is to buy underwear with wider waistbands or styles that would sit higher on the waist so that they won’t cut into your midsection. You can also try panties with stretch spandex lace that would hold the undies in place because of the spandex material and at the same time be soft enough to not dig into your flesh. So, ladies say goodbye to harsh, red indentations and say hello to soft smooth skin.

7. Panties showing through white pants:

You might have figured out by now that if you wear the flashiest pink a la Nicki Minaj underwear under your light coloured pants it is going through shine through like a beacon. But what many women don’t know is that wearing white underwear with your white pants is also a big no-no. This will cause your bright white underwear to shine through your white pants because of the contrast with your skin. The best idea is to opt for underwear in a nude shade that closely matches the colours of your skin so that it blends with your natural skin tone.

8. Wedgies:

Just the name sends down shivers down most women’s back. If you though wedgies only existed in novels and TV shows about fictional Americal middle schoolers who got bullied then you are wrong. It is a very real thing that bullies women every day. Wedgies are highly uncomfortable and even more difficult to attend to when it’s happening because it usually happens in a highly public place. You can opt for good quality thongs to solve this problem or if you are looking for more coverage then you should try on boy shorts or briefs.

9. Muffin Top:

Even though this problem has been given such an adorable name for most women it is a huge nightmare not to mention a fashion faux pas. A muffin top is usually caused by tight waistbands and leads to your flesh bulging over your pants. The best way to deal with a muffin top is to buy panties that have a wider waistband or that sit high on your abdomen. That will keep the bulge concealed and give you a smooth and even silhouette.

10. Your panties keep getting holes in them:

If you feel like your panties’ shelf life has shortened greatly then the problem may lie in the way you wash and dry them. The ideal way to wash your underwear and even bra for that matter are to handwash them using cool water and specialised lingerie detergent.  It is a cardinal sin to put your lingerie in the washing machine and the dryer. The best way is to always air dry them by laying them flat on a towel first so that it will soak most of the water.

That concludes the list of common underwear problems that all women face. As you can see you are not completely helpless in the onslaught of underwear problems. There are ways that you can tackle these issues. The best tip to remember is that wearing the right style and size is important.