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How To Find Bras For Every Bust Type

God may have created men equally but breasts not so much. In fact, lingerie experts have identified 8 different types of breasts and these types have their own type of bras that suit them and make them look good while also giving health benefits. Which means that the process of finding the right bra is more than finding your correct size, you must also be careful about the type of bra that you choose for your bust type. If you are stumped about what your bra shape is or which bra style is right for you then let the confusion cease. We have curated a handy guide about the different breasts shapes and the perfects bras for them.

Why do you need to wear a bra that suits your breast shape?

When choosing a bra, it is crucial to find one that fits properly and feels good. Wearing a bra that is not perfect in every aspect can take a serious toll on your physical health. For example, ill-fitting straps and wires can dig into your skin and cause redness. A bra that does not offer sufficient support can hurt your posture and cause neck, back and shoulder pain. Generally, ill-fitting bras also discourage women from physical activity as they can make your breasts feel sore and tender. Additionally, a bra also has an effect on how well your clothes fit your body. Contingent upon the fit of your bra the bra can give you a smooth and sexy silhouette or make you feel insecure about your look. Hence if you want to look your best all the time then it is vital that you find a bra that fits your breast type. 

1. The East-West Breasts:

 If your breasts point or gravitate outwards then you have what experts call the East-West Breasts. In this breast type, your nipples point outwards in two opposite directions while leaving enough space in the middle. For this kind of bra type, the best bra is the T-shirt bra. This bra type will shape your breasts and bring them closer together while also offering comfort and support.

Other bra type options: Uplift plunge style will gather your breast tissue in the front of your body. Perfect coverage and racerback are other options to consider.

2. Asymmetric Breasts:

Even though vicious tabloids and pseudoscientific hacks might try and convince you otherwise, asymmetric breasts are completely normal. If one of your breasts is bigger than the other then you have the asymmetric breast type. A spacer bra is a perfect fit for this breast type. They are known for their second-skin fit and will shape your breasts. If you want to create an illusion of symmetrical breasts then opt for concealing cups on the smaller breast. A padded bra is a no-no for this breast type especially if you don’t prefer drawing attention to the asymmetrical breasts.

Other bra type options: Plunge bra and t-shirt bras.

3. Bell shape:

If your breasts are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom then you have a bell shape. This type of breasts generally falls under the D and D+ size bra cup categories. Generally, a full coverage bra works wonders for this breast type. Hence, a t-shirt bra is an ideal choice for the bell shape. Due to the cups and wire support of a t-shirt bra, your breast will be lifted upwards and sit perfectly in the cups. For bigger sizes, opt for full coverage bras with padded straps as this will offer more coverage, comfort and lift and will prevent unwanted spillage.

Other bra type option: balconette bra

4. Slender figured or Relaxed breast type:

If you have breasts that have lax tissue and nipples that point downwards then you have a relaxed or slender figured breast type. Basically women in this category have longer breasts, usually have smaller cup sizes, are slimmer at the top and fuller at the bottom. The plunge bra is the most ideal bra type for this breast type. It helps in lifting your breasts and the plunge necklines offer the illusion of having a cleavage.

Other bra type options:  t-shirt, balconette, racerback bras.

5. Athletic breast type:

If you have wider, more muscular breasts that have less tissue then you have the athletic breast type. Gaping of cups tends to be a common problem for athletic breasts shapes due to the lack of volume on top. If you want your breasts to be lifted upwards then try the classic t-shirt bra. This offer comfort support and coverage.

Other bra type options: Plunge bra or racerback bra.

6. Round or Globe Breast type:

The most sought after and the most value breast type is the round breast type. These breasts are genetically gifted and don’t need much fixing or structure. They are round and full at the top and the bottom and appear to be perfectly spherical.  These breasts work great with most styles and if you have them you can explore the bra-world without facing any issues. Mostly all styles would make you look good but you have to make sure that they provide you with enough support. If you would prefer some cleavage then try the balconette bra as the shape of your breasts will fill out the bra cup perfectly.

Other bra type option: t-shirt or wireless bras.

7. Side set breast type:

This breast category is pretty similar to the eas-west type except that the space between the breasts is wider. Another difference is that these breasts are generally fuller than the breasts that fit into the east-west category. The perfect bra type for these breasts is the balconette bra. This is because it is designed with wide set straps, a broader neckline and demic cups. Therefore, the design complements the side set shape of your breasts and offers better side support. A front closure bra is also preferred if you want your breasts to be brought inwards towards the centre of your chest.

Other bra types potions: T-shirt or plunge bra.

8. Ter drop breast type:

If you have breasts that are round at the bottom but slightly less full at the top resembling tear drops then you have the tear drop breast type. This is the most common breast shape. An underwired bra is a perfect fit for these breasts as they offer gentle lift which makes your breasts look rounder and fuller at the top. If you are not a fan of the underwire bra then try the balconette style as this will even out the volume without causing gaping.

Other bra types options: Racerback or t-shirt bras. 

This brings us to the end of the handy guide on how to choose bra depending on your bust type. As you can see, each bust type has a huge selection of bras to choose from. It is important to give yourself some time to try out the different type and then choose depending on what feels right for you. The essential aspect is that you feel comfortable and do not compromise your health. After reading this guide, if you are looking to revamp your lingerie wardrobe then the Lingerie Shop has good quality comfortable bras that offer great support and also make you feel sexy and confident. Happy Shopping!