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How To Choose The Right Panty For Your Booty Shape

It doesn’t matter what you call it- butt, derriere, booty, rear or tooh. We all have one and taking it under consideration when choosing panties is important. You wouldn’t pick out a random lipstick shade without swatching it first, or chose a dress without considering your body type so why should you choose panties without keeping your booty shape in mind? In the world of beauty-knowledge is power. You need to have a proper understanding of basic principle before you buy it and this goes for everything from makeup to clothes. If you want your butt to look the best then you need to figure out two things: the shape of your booty and the best panties for your booty shape. If you are clueless on how to do that then here is a helpful guide. 

How to determine the shape of your booty?

Your butt shape is controlled by a mixture of hip structure, where your cheeks are fullest, and where your bum is the widest. The arrangement of your pelvis and hips have as a lot to do with your bum shape as how much fat you have, and your muscle tone. In light of these components, we can decide your ideal measure of coverage, the height of the leg openings, and whether a low rise or higher ascents might be more qualified for you. Lingerie Shop celebrates women of all shapes and sizes and wants to bust the myth that there is an ideal booty or body type. Much the same as with dresses, pants, or bras, the way to put your best self forward is knowing your shape and picking articles of clothing that feature your assets. Taking the time to determine the shape of your bottom can help you choose the best underwear styles that will highlight your perky behind. To help you out, we have listed the four different types of booty shapes and the styles of underwears that complement them. Achieving your best butt ever is easy and requires few squats than you think! 

1. The Heart Shape or A-shaped butt : 

How does it look: Heart-shaped butts truly look like an upturned heart. Also alluded to as the “A” shape, these kinds of booties have more volume at the base of the butt than at the top with rounded curves of the hips. This shape can be just like the ‘Round’ type however it is different because of a midriff that tapers easily into the bum and has the widest piece of the bum at the base of the cheeks. Ladies with this butt type ordinarily have pear-shaped bodies with full thighs and smaller midsections. 

Best strategy: An excess of coverage can add undesirable volume to an effectively bottom-heavy bum. To make it seem lifted and perky, central features like ruching can help draw the eye upwards and make your bum look increasingly proportional. Maintain a  distance from undies that have smaller leg openings, they will bundle up at your but causing unflattering protruding – styles like boyshorts and briefs are forbidden for this shape.

What panties to wear: Mankinis, bikinis and thongs in stretchy and seamless material. These panties generally tend to lay flat and won’t add more bulk to your butt. Other styles that have high cuts are also ideal. 

Celebrity booty twin: Scarlette Johannsson, Shakira, Rihanna


2. Inverted Triangle or V-shaped butt

How does it look: Additionally alluded to as “V-shaped” this angular butt type is top-substantial with a large portion of the fat disseminated at the highest point of the butt. The inverted triangle is named so because it has the widest point at the hips and narrows down towards the bottom. This butt shape is normal among ladies with wide shoulders and narrow hips. Here’s some trivia, it is also called the “supermodel butt: because the sharp, angular shape is perfect for the runway!

Best strategy: The objective here is to make the illusion of a rounder base for a proportional look. Hotpants and Boyshorts are extraordinary for including volume and rounding out a smaller bum. Extra features like trim embellishments around the leg openings are incredible for adding curves to your figure. Maintain a  distance from high leg openings (which is unfortunate if you are a fan of the 80s’ styles) which feature the absence of volume on the sides can make your bottom look saggy.

What panties to wear: boyshorts, briefs, hipsters and bikinis. Basically any style with a lower-cut leg opening that fits right below the crease of your butt. 

Celebrity booty twin: Cindy Crawford, Kate Beckinsale, Megan Fox


3. Round or O-shaped butt: 

How does it look: Otherwise called the “bubble butt” this full-looking butt shape has fat circulated around the whole butt cheek, both top and base. This bum type is most extensive at the focal point of the hips, and their bum is distinguished from their waistline (not at all like the tapering bend of a heart-shaped bum). 

Best strategy: Undies that offer full coverage will in general miss the mark when endeavouring to cover a well-proportioned bottom. Bikinis and briefs can make a full butt to look cumbersome and cause lumps or underwear lines. Search for high cut legs openings and outlines that gather high on the back. Round bum types will sometimes find that most of their volume is in the centre of the cheeks, which might feel out-of-proportion with sides of the butt that are less full. Therefore, the objective is to make the illusion of more volume on the sides.

What panties to wear: Mankinis, thongs and styles that will highlight your full figure. You should also avoid panties with little or no stretchability. 

Celebrity booty twin: Jenifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian Nicki Minaj


4. Square or H-shaped butt: 

How does it look: Ladies with square bum types have higher and progressively conspicuous hip bones that don’t decrease towards the base. In the event that you were drawing a line between the two points, they would make a straight line that is perpendicular to the ground. This bum type has an equivalent width at the top, middle, and base, and frequently looks flatter due to the absence of curves. You may see there is a “hip plunge” which is a divet between the pelvis and the actual cheek. 

Best strategy: Since the hip and external thigh are of similar widths, this creates the look of a more extended torso and can make it hard to recognize where the back finishes and where the bum starts. This makes the objective for the square-shaped butt to make curves and an illusion of roundness. Stay away from monochrome coloured undies which can make you look falt and instead go with lace or a print.

What panties to wear: Ideal panty styles are bikini briefs, thongs and boy shorts. Generally, panties with high rise waists would suit this bum type better. You can avoid discomfort and ugly bunching by staying away from frilly or elasticated leg holes. 

Celebrity booty twin: Miley Cyrus, Gwyneth Paltrow, Krysten Ritter

That concludes the list of the different booty types and which panty style complement them giving you a perky behind. It is important to remember that all booty shapes are beautiful. Every shape has its unique features and qualities that define the body in an impressive manner. So be proud of your assets and go put your best cheek forward!