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10 Tips to Buy Bridal Lingerie

Your D-day is drawing near, the special day you’ve been waiting for since you were a little girl and came across the idea of the big fat Indian wedding. There are a lot of little details to keep track of and things that need to be taken care of before your big day. One little detail that might have slipped your mind is your bridal lingerie. Or even if you haven’t forgotten about that crucial detail, you may not have an idea about how to go about buying your lingerie. For example, a common doubt is, ‘what kind of lingerie should I be wearing under my wedding outfit?”. After buying a really expensive wedding trousseau you don’t want your look to be spoiled because of mismatched lingerie! Your bridal lingerie must be perfect, flattering and should fit like a second skin. So, here is our wedding present to you- a curated list of 10 important tips that you should keep in mind before buying your wedding lingerie. 

1. Don’t keep your lingerie shopping for the last minute: 

Try not to put off buying your bridal lingerie until the last possible minute. We suggest completing your wedding lingerie shopping before your first wedding trousseau fitting. If you have settled on a design or style, know what kind of sleeves or neck design you are getting, then you can go shop for lingerie. A better idea, in case you’re especially determined to buy a kind of lingerie or undergarment (or shoes or different accessories, so far as that is concerned), is to wear it while shopping for your wedding outfit. That way you will know whether your lingerie will compliment your outfit. It is also a good idea to buy a few different styles of lingerie so you have a variety to choose from when you are trying your outfit. After all, lingerie will always be useful to you. 

2. Pick lingerie in sexy colours: 

Seductive bridal lingerie is a significant part of your wedding and requires consideration. While choosing a design or style for your wedding trousseau, it is imperative to remember this is an extraordinary event for both of you. Pick undergarments or nightwear that causes you to feel provocative, sexy and seductive and you think he will like as well! Pro Tip: Try to pick something in hues and textures that you realize your significant other will drool over. It just assists with improving the impact your neglige will have on him. As far as we can tell, satin or lace in red or black always to the trick. To wear under your wedding trousseau pick lingerie that is nude and the shade of your skin colour so that it doesn’t show through your outfit. A good idea is to opt for a nude bra and seamless panties. 

3. Make sure that you buy comfortable lingerie: 

Remember that you are going to be wearing this lingerie for long hours. The better part of your wedding day will be spent on your feet, making small talk and smiling like you are in a toothpaste commercial. This can get exhausting and if you aren’t comfortable on the inside you are going to be irritable on the outside. So make sure that you don’t compromise on your comfort when buying bridal lingerie. Satin and silk lingerie can get uncomfortable if worn for a long period of time. Of course, you can buy complex lingerie for your wedding night if that makes you feel sexy. But even then make sure that you don’t buy tight lingerie or lingerie that might irritate you. 

4. Make sure that you break your lingerie in: 

Wear your new lingerie or shapewear around the house or when you go out to complete wedding chores to figure out for how it feels and on the off chance that you’ll have any issues with support (rubbing from bodice boning or glue not sticking, for instance). This offers you the chance to fix any issues early, buy new lingerie if need be or get it altered, so you can fully enjoy your big day. 

5. Keep your cleavage in mind:

Keep your neckline in mind while picking what sort of wedding lingerie to opt for. In the event that your outfit is strapless, think about a strapless girdle or bustier. On the off chance that your outfit has a plunging neckline, you’ll need something that likewise has a low neckline, else it might peek through your outfit! Remember you are going to be bending a lot to get aashirwaad from the elders. So, make sure that your bra doesn’t give you an indecent lift or cleavage. You can keep all of your risque and sexy bridal lingerie for the wedding night and the honeymoon. 

6. Check the material: 

Truly, women, while satiny underwear may look and feel incredible when you give them a shot, it is anything but a perfect decision for extended periods of time. Materials, for example, nylon and lycra trap moisture and heat and can cause you to feel soaked in sweat down there. Likewise, you would prefer not to wind up with rashes! Settle on breathable textures, for example, cotton. In case you’re wearing something fancy, ensure that it doesn’t feel uncomfortable against your skin.

7. Make sure you measure yourself again: 

It is not exactly breaking news that a large majority of Indian women wear the wrong bra size. Thus, young ladies, regardless of whether you think you know your size or the bra that you wear is comfortable, get measured by a professional once again! You don’t need bulges, monstrous strap mark, red welts or bras that don’t give you legitimate support. Trust me, you’ll feel the difference! After all, women do tend to fluctuate in weight during wedding season either due to stress of because of a rigorous diet plan which might affect your bra size.  

8. Try to limit buying new styles or designs: 

We’d propose you dodge any new sort of lingerie on the off chance that you aren’t used to the style or texture. Silicone cups, nipple pasties, thongs, and so on., may feel awkward if you are using them for the first time. Indeed, many ladies can’t wear these and frequently end up in somewhat awkward circumstances. In the event that there truly is no other way out, wear them as often as possible before the big day to get a hang of it.

9. Make sure you still include some variety though:

When choosing lingerie for the wedding night or the honeymoon, ensure you get a couple of various kinds of pieces. After all, monotony does wear down the soul! Improve the enjoyment for you and your better half with outfits for each and every mood. During the day, ensure you have a combination of various bras and panties depending upon the kind of outfit you would be wearing. A silicon bra is ideal for a risqué outfit while thongs and c-strings are flawless to get rid of those bothersome panty lines. Around evening time, pick a blend of seductive babydolls, playful sets and hot corsets. Keep him speculating!

10. There are going to be last-minute changes:

Very last-minute changes happen constantly! This is mostly because numerous ladies regularly go on a fitness routine to get fit as a fiddle before the wedding. Do get some answers concerning the exchange policy of the store you are shopping from and make sure all the receipts are safe with you. Unmentionables can be a costly issue and you would prefer not to wind up with pieces that will never fit you again. Or, you may end up wearing a completely different outfit on one of the events and may need a change of lingerie. 

That concludes the handy list of tips you should keep in mind before buying lingerie. These tips will make sure that you spend your wedding day having the time of your life because you will feel really good on the inside. The Lingerie Shop has some sexy, gorgeous and comfortable lingerie for your big day and night so that you start the first day of the rest of your married life right.